Tipicità:Made in Marche Festival - Festival delle Eccellenze Made in Marche

(Italiano) Expo 2015: Tipicit

Tipicità 2015 will be one of the 20 events of ANCixExpo2015 tour.

Calendario Anci x EXPO2015

(Italiano) Al Vinitaly verso Tipicit

Italy is… “bubbling””

BollicineEttore Riello, Verona Fiere President declared ““This Vinitaly edition is the great announcements one”.”.

Maurizio Martina,Italian Minister for Agriculture, officially declared that Vinitaly will run Expo 2015 wine pavillion.
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Taste on stage….during Milan BIT 2014

On Friday 14th of March, c/o #destinazioneMarche stand, Tipicità presents: Taste on stage!

Bit 2013

Tipicità, Made in Marche Festival will take part to the famous tourism Milan fair, with a dedicated area into Marche Region stand. Around 100.000 visitors and professional coming from alla over the world are coming to Milan for the international tourist package previews.

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