Discovering welness in one plate & one place: welcome to Marche Region

Quality of life and territoriality travel together in Marche Region: the homeland of longevity! Mediterranean diet, beauty and variety of the landscape, wholesome raw materials are just a part of the secret formula.

A tasty (and healthy) team-up between the wisdom of Marche’s Universities and the know-how of a “pasta-maker” with a designation of origin! Featuring a special host who brought Marche on NYC tables.

Presents: Marco Ardemagni | RAI Caterpillar AM
Welcome Speech: Micaela Vitri | Marche Region Councilor

Fabio Musso | UNIURB – (The numbers of living well in Marche region)
Elena Barbieri | UNIURB – (Food, movement and health in the Marche region).
Flavio Corradini | UNICAM – (Applied research between tradition and innovation)
Davide Neri | UNIVPM. – (Applied research projects in agriculture to improve quality)
Marco Spinosi | Ceo Spinosi – (The Spinosini project with Univpm)
Riccardo Massetti | Cremini’s owner: Authentic Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn – (How to discover Marche’s flavours even in New York)
Final considerations: Fausto Calabresi | Member of the Marche Chamber of Commerce


21 Feb 2022


16:15 - 17:00

Ora locale

  • Fuso orario: America/New_York
  • Data: 21 Feb 2022
  • Ora: 7:15 - 8:00


Padiglione Italia | Expo2020

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