Future is in the GloCal Flow: Tipicità endless experience

This dialogue aims to depict a contemporary and lively portrait of Italy, through its voices, its desire to confront with other cultures and not to be caged within its borders. As the concept of identity itself sounds outdated, a new, more genuine flux of glocal experiences is paving the way for a new future. We want to celebrate the Italian soft power, far from the heavy industry, made of food, art, cultures, beauty, traditions and experiences. An heritage able to seduce millions of Italian enthusiasts around the world.

Our version of “connecting minds, creating the future” moves from the valorisation of local assets such hospitality, creativity and manual skills. Spawning from the solid expertise of Tipicità – whose management in 2021 was rewarded with “Travel and Food Award” for the Marche Grand Tour –  this event features the unveiling of the brand new PHYGITAL BOX of the Endless Experience.

Presents: Marco Ardemagni | RAI Caterpillar AM
Welcome Speech: Guido Castelli | Marche Region Councilor for Budget

Paolo Calcinaro | Mayor of Fermo – (Fermo & Tipicità: a thirty-year history of excellence)
Silvia Costantini | Consul General of Italy in Montreal (Canada)
Angelo Serri | Director of Tipicità – (Tipicità Endless Experience)
Marco Moreschi | Banco Marchigiano General Manager – (A local community walking together towards a global horizon)
Stefano Papetti | Art expert (Italy) – (How Marche art travelled the world during the pandemic)
Massimiliano Mandozzi | Executive and private chef at the Kremlin (Moscow, Russia)
Giorgio Nava | chef-entrepreneur in Cape Town (South Africa)


21 Feb 2022


15:15 - 16:00

Ora locale

  • Fuso orario: America/New_York
  • Data: 21 Feb 2022
  • Ora: 6:15 - 7:00


Padiglione Italia | Expo2020

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