During Expo Dubai, Tipicità unveils its endless experience

Which is the best way to channel Marche’s uniqueness? Tipicità answers the question with a boxset of experiences floating among dualities (local and global, digital and physical, tradition and innovation).

The mission of Tipicità in Dubai aims to foster dialog between local entrepreneurs and administrator with UAE stakeholders to spread knowledge


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The phygital eco-design boxset has been realized by Di Battista and contains four shards of Marche’s soul, icons of our land enclosed in as many jars:

  • Honey for biodiversity
  • Cereals and pulses for traditional roots
  • Olive oil body lotion for wellness
  • Woven straw for handmaking and fashion

Each jar represents a digital window on an exclusive tourism experience, You just have to scan a QRcode to be cast into a luxury and lively trip created by Esitur.

Honey will lead you to glide, with a swarm of bees, above green meadows on the mystic slopes of Sibillini Mountains. Come and discover the marvels of the island among the mountains.

 Cereals and pulses will guide you to the roots of Italian Renaissance. Come and discover the treasures of our agriculture living the magnificence of the greatest artists ever.

 Olive oil body lotion is there to rock your senses. This experience will make you float between the relaxing blue of the Adriatic sea and the refreshing  green of the Mediterranean forest. The unique atmosphere of the Conero cove is waiting for you.

 The Woven straw will take you to the land of fashion, where the traditions are intertwined with the glamour appeal of “haute couture “.


on an island among Mountains meet the Bee Whisperer

Flavours and biodiversity in Marche region highlands

Fashion tour into Marche style

Discovering Marche’s treasures : handmade shoes, hats and lace

in the green bay of the Conero riviera

In a Napoleonic Stronghold between Mediterranean forest and the
Adriatic Sea

urbino: between countryside and the art of renaissance

Truffle, biodiversity and wellness in Raffaello’s places

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